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Bangkok, Thailand | 12 – 13 December 2023

International Conference on Biodiversity (IBD2023)

“Biodiversity: Key to Better Life”

Welcome to IBD2023

On behalf of the IBD2023 Organizing Committee, may we extend a very warm welcome to IBD2023, the International Conference on Biodiversity 2023.

The IBD2023 conference will take place at the Commemoration Hall (Ratchamongkol Hall) in the beautiful botanical area of Suan Luang Rama IX, Bangkok, Thailand, during 12-13 December 2023.  With the generous support and cooperation among IBD2023 counterparts throughout Thailand, this exciting Conference is organized by Suan Luang Foundation Rama IX, Chaipattana Foundation, Office of the Royal Development Projects Board, International Mangrove Botanical Garden Rama IX, National Economic and Social Development Council, Chitralada Technology Institute, Kasetsart University, National Research Council of Thailand, National Science and Technology Development Agency, and Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office.

This year’s conference theme, “Biodiversity: Key to Better Life” provides an opportunity for people from biodiversity-related communities to share their expertise, knowledge, and experience in various aspects, ranging from ecosystem conservations and services, climate change, BCG economy models, and biodiversity and international collaboration. The IBD2023 Conference will consist of a scientific conference and a comprehensive exhibition demonstrating the significant development of the science of biodiversity as well as a wide range of research works from both Iocal and international research institutions/communities, universities, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private sectors in Thailand and foreign countries.

We wish all IBD2023 guests and participants a good opportunity to communicate, share their expertise, and widen their networks and communities among friends and colleagues who are interested in the related area of biodiversity.

We look forward to welcoming you to IBD2023 in Bangkok, Thailand in December 2023.

Prof. Sanit Aksornkoae, Ph.D.
Board Member, The Sirindhorn International Environmental Park
Chairman, The National Economic and Social Development Council, Thailand
Chairman, IBD2023 Organizing Committee


International Conference on Biodiversity (IBD2023)

“Biodiversity: Key to Better Life”

Biodiversity is fundamental for human life and vital for the functioning of ecosystems. Human welfare depends on biodiversity, as it provides natural services such as fresh water and clean air, biological resources such as medicinal plants and food, as well as economic benefits of industrial development. Recognizing the importance of biodiversity to the quality of life and the economy, Thailand has been ramping up the effort in research into biodiversity and sustainable utilization as well as conservation. The richness of biodiversity and intensive effort in diversity exploration and conservation in Thailand, therefore, serve as a perfect backdrop for IBD2023. IBD2023 will consist of scientific conference and comprehensive exhibition dedicated to showcase the work of various local and international research organizations, government agencies, universities, schools, non-profit organizations, local communities and private companies contributing to biodiversity research and conservation in Thailand and neighboring countries.

Conference Dates: 12 – 13 December 2023 

Location: Suan Luang Rama IX Royal Botanic Garden, Nong Bon, Prawet, Bangkok, Thailand

Main Topics:

1. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation and Services

2. Biodiversity and Climate Change

3. Biodiversity and BCG Economy Model

4. Biodiversity and International Collaboration

Organized by 

    • Suan Luang Rama 9 Foundation
    • Chaipattana Foundation
    • Office of the Royal Development Projects Board 
    • International Mangrove Botanical Garden Rama IX Foundation
    • Office of National Economics and Social Development Council
    • Chitralada Technology Institute 
    • Kasetsart University 
    • National Research Council of Thailand 
    • National Science and Technology Development Agency
    • Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office 


Important Dates

Public Relations  
 1 May 2023 –1 September 2023 Opening online registration
Paper Submission  
1 May 2023 First call for abstract submission
15 August 2023 Deadline for abstract submission
15 September 2023 Notification of acceptance for submission