Abstract submission

The IBD2023 Committee will solicit poster submissions for the conference, Thailand from ………………  2023 until …………………… 2023 Poster presentations will be reviewed by the scientific committee for acceptance in the program relevant to following themes;

1. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation and Services

2. Biodiversity and Climate Change

3. Biodiversity and BCG Economy Model

4. Biodiversity and International Collaboration

Since we will NOT be editing abstract submissions, so please remember to fully edit and carefully proof your content before submitting. Abstracts must be in final form with no grammatical, typographical, or factual errors.

There is no limit to the number of poster submissions. A single registration can cover “ONE” poster presentation of the registrant.

All submissions will be reviewed for acceptance as they come in with notifications of acceptance being e-mailed to the presenter (as designated on the abstract submission form) as well as posted on the IBD2023 website.

    • Notification of acceptance for those who submit abstracts before 15 February 2019 will be e-mailed to the presenters from 28 February 2019 
    • Notification of acceptance for those who submit abstracts after 15 March 2019 will be e-mailed to the presenters from 5 April 2019

The presenters of poster abstracts must make the payment as following details otherwise the abstracts will be withdrawn from the conference.

    • The presenters who submit abstracts during 1 December 2018 – 15 February 2019 must make the payment by 25 March 2019. 
    • The presenters who submit abstracts during after 15 March 2019 must make the payment by 19 April 2019

READ Submission guidelines before submitting abstract.

Instruction for poster presentation

The poster will be mounted on a PVC board. The dimension of the poster board is 1.0 m (width) x 2.0 m (height). We recommend to design the poster in C0 (917 mm × 1,297 mm; 36.10 in × 51.06 in) or A0 (841 mm × 1,189 mm; 33.11 in × 46.81 in). The poster must contain the title, authors’ name and address, objectives, materials and methods, summary, results and conclusion in the form of figures, graphs, tables, etc.

Submission Guidelines

These instructions are provided to help authors prepare ABSTRACT for submission to IBD2023 conference. All submitted papers will be in a process of peer review and all accepted papers for poster presentation will be distributed to the participants at the conference on an electronic data storage device (USB flash drive). It is the responsibility of author to follow the instructions restrictively. The TEMPLATE OF ABSTRACT is provided and could be downloaded from www.biodconference.org

  1. Authors’ responsibilities
    1. All submitted ABSTRACT must be in good, grammatically correct English. Authors are fully responsible for the correction of language. 
    2. Major corrections cannot be undertaken by IBD2023’s committee, and no proofs are provided. 
  1. Submission of ABSTRACT
    1. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION will open on 1 December, 2018. Submitting authors must acknowledge that at least one author of accepted ABSTRACT has to register with IBD2023 conference and remit the registration fee. Single registration can cover one abstracts.
    2. ABSTRACTS should be provided in electronic form and uploaded to our online submission website. The format should be complied with the following basic instructions. To avoid any mistake, the TEMPLATE OF ABSTRACT is suggested.
    3. File formats. You are required to provide us the preferred format for electronic versions both Microsoft Word and PDF, though we can accept most other word-processing packages in PC or Macintosh formats. 
    4. File naming: When naming files it is recommended that you incorporate the name of the first author or the paper’s reference numbers into the filename. Please do not use generic names such as “IBD2023 paper” or similar easily confused variants.
    1. Page size: 

The page size MUST be set to A4 on “Page Setup” of your Word screen for example. This template places all material in a rectangle of 21 cm x 29.7 cm (8.27″x11.69″), beginning 1.25 cm (0.49″) and heading 1.25 cm (0.49″) from the top and the footer of the page.  The page must be formatted using 2.54 (1.0″) margins.

    1. Font type and text size: 
  • Font type: Ebrima
  • Title: – 13pt. bold and align left
    – Use a capital letter at the first word only except the specific name.
  • Authors’ name: 10pt. regular and align left, with the name of presenting author bold and underlined.
  • Address: 9pt. regular and align left.
  • Text and keywords: 10pt. justified. 
    1. Abstract length:

The maximum acceptable length of ABSTRACT is up to 1 page of A4. 

    1. Keyword:

3–6 keywords (in alphabetical order) which will enable a subsequent information retrieval system to locate the paper.

  1. Nomenclature and Units

4.1 Please take care that all terminology and notation used will be widely understood. Abbreviations and acronyms should be spelled out in full at their first occurrence in the text. 

4.2 SI units are strongly recommended. 

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